Lease an aquatrainer for your horse

We will provide you with advice based on our specialist knowledge.

Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems is the aquatrainer specialist in Europe and can provide you with comprehensive advice on aquatrainers for horses. We will get together with you to chart your wishes and look at the options. Purchasing an aquatrainer is a major investment and we understand that buying an aquatrainer is not for everyone. Which is why we offer the option of leasing this equipment.


Why lease an aquatrainer from Leen Soldaat?

Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems is the aquatrainer specialist in Europe. You can expect:
  • High-quality product line developed by specialists
  • Comprehensive guidance from aquatrainer specialists when purchasing your product
  • Personal service days from aquatrainer specialist at your location
  • Years of knowledge and experience
  • Safest aquatrainer on the market
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Leasing from €695 a month

All-inclusive package for a single monthly amount. Leasing is possible from as little as €695.* Unique in the Netherlands!

With us, you can lease the very latest iDots aquatrainer for a fixed monthly price, including maintenance and service. Thus ensuring you know where you stand each month. You’ll be training your horses in a brand-new aquatrainer without making any major investments and with guaranteed residual value. You will not have any fuss and bother with trade-in value and selling.

Feel free to request further information with no obligations and get training your horses in the best, safest aquatrainer on the market in no time at all.

* Please ask about the terms and conditions.


Total concept: guidance and knowledge with your aquatrainer

Intensive training when leasing your aquatrainer.

Our iDots aquatrainer was developed in collaboration with specialists. Leasing from us means getting far more than just the equipment. We offer a total concept, giving you extensive guidance, knowledge and service for your aquatrainer. We do so in conjunction with animal physiotherapists and a vet. After all, we consider proper use of the aquatrainer to be no less important than selling it.

  • Training & guidance

    Our animal physiotherapist or vet will teach you how to use the equipment and draw up training programmes.

  • Aquatrainer service days

    Guidance, tips and advice from our specialists at your site, whilst a horse is being trained in the aquatrainer.

  • iDots Aquatrainer information days

    Aquatraining information days with lectures and demos from specialists, trainers and riders.

Keen to receive a quote or further information?

Feel free to get in touch with us and we will invite you to have a chat over a cup of coffee.