Treadmill for horses

Exercise safely with minimum effort for you.

iDots treadmills only take up a small amount of room and can easily be situated in a covered space. Enabling you to give your horses daily exercise safely and with minimal human effort 365 days a year.

The control box is used to set the duration and speed. Adjusting the height setting of the treadmill will allow you to train your horses on an incline, which is possible because there is no resistance from water (unlike in the aquatrainer). You can train your horses even more effectively using an optional, programmable training computer.

iDots treadmill for horses

Specifications and way of working

Choosing an iDots treadmill trainer means choosing quality and service.

The standard treadmill measures approximately 4 x 2 x 1.5 metres (l x w x h) and comes with a front and rear gangway. The track is approximately one metre wide and three metres long and comprises a supergrip rubber belt.

The control box is easy to operate and you can stop the treadmill immediately using the emergency stop button. Your treadmill will be delivered fully assembled by our expert staff.


Your treadmill trainer tailor-made

The treadmill will be produced by specialists entirely in line with your wishes.

You can (for example) have the protected powder coating applied in your company colour(s). Options include:

  • Control box with programmable computer
  • Height adjustment

Prefer to train your horses in the water? Then check out our aquatrainers.

Treadmill for horses

Why Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems?

Purchasing a treadmill trainer from Leen Soldaat has the following benefits:
  • High-quality products, developed by specialists
  • Customised solutions possible
  • Prompt delivery
  • Enhanced service
  • Expertly assembled and delivered ready for use

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