iDots solarium for horses

The heat from the lamps gives horses a pleasant way to recover after exertion.

Your horse will only be able to deliver top performances if its muscles have been trained and built optimally. An equine solarium can help in this regard. The thermal radiation of the infrared rays promote blood flow to the muscles, resulting in blood sugars being absorbed into muscle tissue faster and waste products being removed better.

Infrared light has beneficial effects on healing processes in the body. Consequently, your horse will recover faster and be less prone to injury.

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The effects of infrared

Infrared light has beneficial effects on horses’ joints and muscles.

Infrared light

  • Increases performance capacity during physical exertion
  • Ensures faster recovery of muscle injuries and other injuries
  • Improves blood flow to and metabolism of muscle tissue
  • Improves oxygen uptake in muscle tissue
  • Gets rid of various waste products, such as lactic acid
  • Is beneficial for sore, injured muscles
  • Is effective when it comes to joint and tendon inflammation
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Spoil your horse with a solarium

A solarium is used both before and after a training session due to the beneficial effects of infrared heat.

A solarium is a great way to warm up prior to the start of a training session or race. The heat from the infrared lights encourages muscle elasticity.

The horse can be put back in the solarium once the training session is over. This will encourage quicker muscle recovery and the horse’s coat will dry faster. What’s more, it will give the horse a lovely sheen. Horses usually really enjoy a solarium.

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iDots equine solariums

Part of a high-quality line of training equipment and facilities for horses.

Our equine solariums come in a wide array of sizes, models and wattages. A control box is used to set the duration and intensity. If the solarium you order features a lift, you will also be able to set the height using the control system.

Got a boarding stable or riding school and keen to let your customers use the equine solarium in return for a fee? This can be done with the aid of a coin machine.

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Good service to accompany your solarium

Choosing an iDots solarium means choosing quality and service.

iDots solariums come in a variety of sizes and models. The equine solarium will be delivered fully assembled by our staff or an authorised reseller. It can be delivered and installed at short notice.

A high standard of quality and service are self-evident at Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems

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Optional extras for your equipment

Customised solutions and expertise are our strength. We offer a variety of optional extras.

Got special wishes or requirements? Please let us know. Practically anything is possible with our solariums. A few options for a solarium include:

  • Control box
  • Coin machine
  • Suspension units
  • UV lights
  • Halogen spotlights
  • Powder coating in company colours

Why Leen Soldaat?

Purchasing a horse solarium from Leen Soldaat has the following benefits:
  • You will be getting a solid, sturdy piece of equipment
  • Customised solutions possible
  • Prompt delivery
  • Fully complete including accessories
  • Enhanced service
  • Expertly assembled and delivered ready for use
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Keen to receive a quote or further information?

Feel free to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.