Protect your horse from the elements

Train your horses safely and comfortably 365 days a year.

In order to keep your horse(s) in top condition, you will want to be able to train them in all weather conditions. A track roof or longe pen roof will provide optimum protection from the sun, wind and rain whilst still ensuring fresh air and sufficient light.

What’s more, the track or longe pen will always be dry. Thus enabling you to exercise your horses in a comfortable environment throughout the year.

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Track roof

Give your horse first-class treatment when training in the horse walker.

A track roof covers the horse walker’s track, spanning a width of approximately 4.5 metres, with the inner section staying open. Windbreak mesh, fencing and sprinkler system can be integrated into the roof.

A track roof is ideal if you are only using a horse walker.


Longe pen roof

A large roof for those looking for that little bit more.

A longe pen roof is completely sealed right to the apex, covering the full longe circle. In the case of a horse walker, the motor will be suspended in the roof’s apex, enabling you to use the innermost circle as a longe area.

Thereby turning your horse walker into a so-called combi horse exerciser. Windbreak mesh, fencing and sprinkler system can be integrated into the roof.


What roofing should you choose?

The roof will need to tie in with your wishes and budget.

If you will not be using the inner section of the horse walker, then you may wish to opt for a track roof. This will work out cheaper. Prefer to use the innermost circle? Then choose a fully sealed roof, also referred to as a longe pen roof.

Another option is for you to have us install a roof on your existing longe circle or horse walker, which is possible in most cases. We work with a system that does not necessitate dismantling any part of the existing longe circle or horse walker.


Roofing versions

The iDots canopies come in a wide array of sizes and varieties.

Our track and longe pen canopies come in all kinds of sizes and varieties. Each and every roof will be delivered fully assembled by our expert staff.

Depending on the version, your horse walker or longe circle can be up and running with a roof fitted within no time at all. A sealed roof comes with translucent sheets as standard.

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Optional extras for your roofing

Our canopies can be tailored-made to suit your wishes.

Possible options for an iDots roof include:

  • Windbreak mesh
  • Fencing integrated into roof
  • Sliding gate
  • Lighting
  • Sprinkler system
  • Rain gutter above entrance
  • Powder coating in company colours (RAL colours)
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Why Leen Soldaat?

Purchasing a roof from Leen Soldaat has the following benefits:
  • High-quality products, developed by specialists
  • Customised solutions possible
  • Plenty of optional extras to choose from
  • Prompt delivery
  • Enhanced service
  • Expertly assembled and delivered ready for use

Our models and options

View examples of our roofs here.
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Stable Bernoski, Bleiswijk


First Horses Stables, Nivelles

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Daniëlle Heijkoop, Rotterdam


JR Stables, Weert

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