Horse walker

Daily exercise for horses without the need for a rider.

A horse walker provides a solution enabling frequent, safe, versatile training for your horses. Requiring minimal work on your part, you will be able to keep your horses in peak condition, develop their stamina, improve their circulation and strengthen their bones and muscles.

Whilst you save on staffing costs, horse walkers will fulfil your horses’ natural needs for daily exercise and social contact with other horses.


How does a horse walker work?

Train several horses safely at the same time.

Horse walkers enable you to exercise two to eight horses simultaneously, depending on the type of horse walker being used. The drift fences (which can be electrified) ensure that the horses are kept safely separate from one another.

The control box is used to control the duration, direction and speed—walk or walk/trot. Various options are available for the ground. We would advise having a hard surface, such as brick paving, because the vibration caused strengthens the muscles and tendons.

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Horse walker with roof

Train your horses 365 days a year without exposing them to the elements.

If you are keen to be able to train your horses whatever the weather, then you should consider a track roof or fully sealed roof / longe pen roof. The latter also covers the inner section of the pen. Rendering your horse walker a so-called combi horse exerciser, or a horse walker and longe pen under one roof.


Delivered promptly and complete

Choosing an iDots horse walker means choosing quality and service.

Whatever version you go for, your iDots horse walker will always be delivered fully assembled and ready for use by our expert staff. Depending on the version, the horse walker can be up and running within no time at all. A basic control system and drift fences are included in the price as standard.

In addition to horse walkers, we also supply combi horse exercisers.

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Our models and options

View examples of our horse walkers here.

Stable Went, Eefde


Horse Paradise Stables, Amsterdam


Hans Dollen, Onstwedde


Ruisbroek Farms, Kelpen-Oler

Optional extras for your horse walker

Our horse walkers can be fully tailored to your wishes and requirements.

Powder coating in your company colour(s) or fencing made of windbreak mesh? Anything is possible. In addition to the standard facilities and service, we offer the following options:

  • Roof
  • Walk/trot control box with adjustable time interval
  • Electrification unit
  • Various types of drift fence
  • Various types of fencing (inc. windbreak mesh)
  • Sprinkler irrigation system
  • Paving
  • Ebb and flow riding surface
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Why Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems?

Purchasing a horse walker from Leen Soldaat has the following benefits:
  • High-quality products, developed by specialists
  • Customised solutions possible
  • Prompt delivery
  • Enhanced service
  • Expertly assembled and delivered ready for use
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Keen to receive a quote or further information?

Feel free to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.