Horse walker and longe pen in one

Train your horses safely and comfortably throughout the year.

A combi trainer, or combi horse exerciser, is a combination of a horse walker and longe pen under one roof. A covered combi horse exerciser makes it possible for you to train your horses safely and comfortably 365 days a year.

The roof provides your horses with comprehensive weather protection as well as ensuring they get fresh air and enough natural light.


Benefits of a combi horse exerciser

A covered combi horse exerciser provides comprehensive weather protection.
  • The space is optimally used
  • The inner circle serves as a longe area or for storage of materials
  • Horses can be trained safely and comfortably throughout the year
  • You can give horses their daily training with minimal work
  • The roof provides comprehensive weather protection
  • Horses get fresh air and natural light
  • Social contact with other horses is possible

Safe training solution

A combi horse exerciser is suitable for training multiple horses simultaneously.

A fence (various styles available) is put in between the longe circle and the horse walker. The drift fences in the horse walker (which can be electrified) ensure that the horses are kept safely separate from one another. The control box is used to control the duration, direction and speed—walk or walk/trot. Various options are available for the ground. We would advise having a hard surface, such as brick paving, because the vibration caused strengthens the muscles and tendons.

Kunststof wanden met opgelast frame. Beregeningsinstallatie. Glock Horse Performance Center

iDots combi horse exercisers

Part of a high-quality line of training equipment and facilities for horses.

With us, you can choose from a variety of iDots combi trainers. Whatever version you go for, your equipment will always be delivered fully assembled and ready to use by our expert staff. Depending on the version, the combi trainer can be up and running within no time at all.

The iDots combi horse exerciser comes fully complete as standard. For example, a basic operating system, drift fences and electrification unit are included.

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Optional extras for your equipment

Customised solutions and expertise are our strength. We offer a variety of optional extras.

The combi horse exerciser can be tailored entirely to your wishes. Consider in this regard such things as the roofing or fencing, or powder coat in your company colour(s). In addition to the standard facilities and service, we can also provide the following options for your combi trainer:

  • Walk/trot control box with adjustable time interval
  • Various types of drift fence
  • Various types of fencing (inc. windbreak mesh)
  • Sprinkler irrigation system
  • Paving
  • Ebb and flow soil
Overkapping biedt bescherming tegen alle weersomstandigheden en zorgt voor frisse lucht en voldoende natuurlijk licht

Why Leen Soldaat?

Purchasing a combi trainer from Leen Soldaat has the following benefits:
  • High-quality products, developed by specialists
  • Customised solutions possible
  • Plenty of optional extras to choose from
  • Prompt delivery
  • Fully complete including accessories
  • Expertly assembled and delivered ready for use
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Our models and options

View examples of our combi-trainers here.
Combitrainer met bamboe omheining binnenkant

First Horse Stables, Nivelles

iDots combitrainer, zand op klinkers, Lisa De Ridder, Dendermonde

Lisa De Ridder, Dendermonde

heijkoop 12 kopie

Waalsehoeve, Tulle en t Waal

Kunststof wanden met opgelast frame. Beregeningsinstallatie. Glock Horse Performance Center

Glock Horse Performance Center, Oosterbeek

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