Aquatrainer for horses

Effective training and better rehabilitation.

An aquatrainer is the ideal equipment to support the day-to-day training of horses (inc. sport horses). As it can be used early on in the rehabilitation process, aquatraining is extremely effective when it comes to such things as tendon injuries, arthrosis and back problems.

An aquatrainer can be used to improve stamina, muscle power, coordination and agility. The speed of the treadmill and the height of the water can be set separately, fine-tuned to the training needs of the individual horse.

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Aquatrainer Specialist

Choose quality, knowledge and expertise.

We specialise in aquatrainers for horses and everything associated with these. Choosing an aquatrainer from Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems means choosing not only the safest aquatrainer on the market but also quality and service. We consider proper use of the aquatrainer to be no less important than selling it.

Working in collaboration with a vet and veterinary physiotherapists, we have developed a unique total concept to guide you when it comes to using this unique rehabilitation and training equipment.

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Why Leen Soldaat?

Purchasing an aquatrainer from us has the following benefits:
  • High-quality product line, developed by specialists
  • Comprehensive guidance from aquatrainer specialists when purchasing your product
  • Personal service days from aquatrainer specialist at your location
  • Years of knowledge and experience
  • The safest aquatrainer on the market
  • Leen Soldaat: the aquatrainer specialist in Europe!

iDots Aquatrainer

Train your horse safely using good-quality training equipment.

Our iDots aquatrainers are the safest of their kind. For example, the front and rear gangways make it possible to ensure that the horse only ever enters and exits the aquatrainer forwards. If there is no space for these gangways, then the aquatrainer can also be built-in recessed into the ground level.

Our aquatrainer does not have an uphill function. This was a very deliberate decision, because research shows that aquatraining on an incline puts undue strain on the intermediate tendons of the rear legs.

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Safest aquatrainer on the market

The iDots aquatrainer is the safest of its kind, with a plethora of security options.

The track, comprising a rubber belt, is approximately one metre wide and three metres long and can be stopped immediately by pressing one of the four emergency stop buttons situated on each corner.

Furthermore, the iDots aquatrainer features a fall prevention system in the form of a motion sensor, which shuts down the equipment immediately in the event of the horse falling or stumbling. Handles at the front and rear of the aquatrainer ensure it can be opened manually at any time. The transparent walls and the wooden bridge enable good observation, with the bridge also ensuring the correct working height.

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Aquatraining in cold water

With an iDots aquatrainer the temperature of the water is automatically controlled.

The pump pumping up groundwater means that you will always have water at a constant temperature of approximately 8°, which also cools the legs and combats bacterial growth.

The digital control box is easy to operate and can be set to Dutch, English, German or French.


Optional extras for your equipment

Customised solutions and expertise are our strength. We offer a variety of optional extras.

If you purchase an aquatrainer, this will be delivered fully set up by our expert staff.

A pump is included as standard. What’s more, we offer a variety of options, such as:

• Water recycling system
• Control box with programmable computer
• Powder coating in company colours (RAL colours)

Got any special wishes? Let us know!

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Total concept: guidance and knowledge with your aquatrainer

Intensive training when purchasing an aquatrainer.

Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems specialises in aquatrainers for horses. When buying an aquatrainer from us, you will get far more than just the equipment. We offer a unique total concept, giving you extensive guidance, knowledge and service for your aquatrainer. We do so in conjunction with veterinary physiotherapists and a vet. After all, we consider proper, safe use of the aquatrainer to be no less important than selling it.

  • Training & guidance

    Our veterinary physiotherapist or vet will teach you how to use the equipment and how to draw up training programmes.

  • Aquatrainer service days

    Guidance, tips and advice from our specialists at your site, whilst a horse is being trained in the aquatrainer.

  • iDots Aquatrainer information days

    Aquatraining information days with lectures and demos from specialists, trainers and riders.

Our models and options

View examples of our aquatrainers here.

EquiTom Equine Clinic, Meldert
Built-in aquatrainer


Academy Bartels, Hooge Mierde
iDots Aquatrainer with front and rear gangways


Stable De Havikerwaard, De Steeg
Powder coating in company colours (RAL colours)

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Aquadynamics, Middenmeer

Extra long front and rear gangways

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