High-quality training equipment

Buying an iDots Aquatrainer means choosing safety and quality.

The iDots Aquatrainer will enable you to start rehabilitating your horse sooner. Our aquatrainer was developed in collaboration with specialists. With this equipment, horses with joint, tendon or bone problems will be able to get exercising early on in the rehabilitation process.

The resistance from the water means that the horse needs to use more muscle power to move, thus increasing muscle mass. The cold water cools the joints and tendons during the session. Furthermore, the iDots aquatrainer is a good addition to the day-to-day training of horses (including sport horses).


Why buy an aquatrainer from Leen Soldaat?

Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems is the aquatrainer specialist in Europe. You can expect:
  • High-quality product line developed by specialists
  • Comprehensive guidance from aquatrainer specialists when purchasing your product
  • Personal service days from aquatrainer specialist at your location
  • Years of knowledge and experience
  • Safest aquatrainer on the market

Aquatrainer total concept

Extensive guidance, knowledge and service when purchasing your aquatrainer.

Effective, responsible training with an aquatrainer is easy, provided you have the right knowledge. This pertains to thorough knowledge both of the equipment and of equine anatomy and recovery. Buying an aquatrainer from Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems will give you a total concept. This is about far more than just the equipment. Key elements in our total concept include guidance, knowledge and service.

If you choose to purchase an aquatrainer from Leen Soldaat Horse Training Systems, you will receive a total concept encompassing the services listed here. Furthermore, it is possible to follow an aquatrainer specialist course with us.

  • Training from an aquatrainer specialist

    After purchasing the aquatrainer you will be given guidance for a time by one of our aquatrainer specialists Beatrijs Bunte (certified veterinary physiotherapist), Morgan Lashley (vet) or Evelyne van Mol (certified veterinary physiotherapist). They will teach you how to draw up training programmes and give you practical tips. They will also be happy to help you after the intensive guidance period when it comes to compiling training schedules and, if need be, making interim adjustments to these. Our aquatrainer specialists are always contactable for queries or further information.

  • Aquatrainer service days

    In order to reinforce the one-on-one guidance, we arrange ‘aquatrainer service visits’ for you. A service visit involves one of our aquatrainer specialists coming out to your place of business. The specialist will supervise while you train a number of horses in the aquatrainer and will answer any questions you may have and provide tips and advice.

  • iDots Aquatrainer information day

    We organise iDots Aquatrainer information days specially for our customers. These days entail specialists, trainers and riders giving talks and demonstrations, and a wide array of topics and case studies are covered. The participants are given greater insight into the possibilities that the aquatrainer presents when it comes to day-to-day physical training and rehabilitation.

References from satisfied customers

Plenty of top riders, breeders and rehabilitation clinics in the Netherlands and abroad are already enjoying the benefits.

Below you will find a sample of our customers working with an iDots aquatrainer:

  • Academy Bartels
  • De Havikerwaard
  • Animal physiotherapy Marjon van den Heijkant
  • Equitom Equine Hospital
  • Glock Horse Performance Center
  • Riant Stables
  • Stable Oud Beets
  • Stud farm Coolhorses
  • Tacx Stables

Portfolio aquatrainers


EquiTom Equine Clinic


Academy Bartels, Hooge Mierde


Stable De Havikerwaard, De Steeg

imadia-5106 kopie

AquaDynamics, Middenmeer

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