Why an aquatrainer course?

Learn how to use an aquatrainer safely and responsibly.

The widespread success being achieved with aquatraining is making it increasingly popular. There is a drawback to this success, however. An aquatrainer is a piece of equipment that requires knowledge and expertise. Unfortunately, lack of knowledge means that in practice a lot of horses are being trained incorrectly, with all the consequences that this entails. Horses’ well-being is Leen Soldaat’s top priority, and we are keen to halt this undesirable trend in the market by offering knowledge and training. What’s more, research and experience are generating an ever greater body of knowledge, which Leen Soldaat is keen to make accessible to everyone.


For whom is the training intended?

Anyone working with horses and aquatrainers can follow this course.

The training is intended for anyone interested in aquatraining or regularly working with an aquatrainer, such as riders, stable managers, grooms, veterinary assistants, vets and veterinary physiotherapists.

Owners of a different brand of aquatrainer to the iDots aquatrainer are very much welcome too. The course is divided into four different levels and specialisations.


Aquatrainer Academy

Become an aquatrainer specialist and learn all about aquatraining.

The iDots Aquatrainer Academy is an initiative of Leen Soldaat and his team of Aquatrainer Specialists: Morgan Lashley (vet), Beatrijs Bunte (certified veterinary physiotherapist) and Evelyne van Mol (certified veterinary physiotherapist). At the Aquatrainer Academy, you can follow a variety of training sessions and courses at different levels.

  • Levels 1 & 2 Aquatrainer supervisor

    Learn how to train a horse safely in the aquatrainer by increasing your knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and the effects of water on the horse.

  • Level 3 Aquatrainer rehabilitation supervisor

    Participants who have completed levels 1 and 2 can proceed to level 3, where they will go into greater depth on aquatraining in the context of rehabilitation.

  • Level 4 Aquatrainer therapist

    Learn more about the aspects of rehabilitating sport horses, with aquatraining being the key theme. Only for vets and veterinary physiotherapists.

Keen to find out more about the Aquatrainer Academy?

Then click through to the website of the Aquatrainer Academy below.