About Leen Soldaat and iDots Horse Products

Owner Leen Soldaat was himself active in equestrian sport for many years prior to dedicating himself to developing training equipment. He not only speaks the language of horse people, but also thinks from the perspective of horses’ needs.

Leen Soldaat’s top priorities are horses’ well-being and the safety of humans and animals. Which is also why he developed a total concept a few years ago, one that entails owners of an iDots aquatrainer being given guidance by aquatrainer specialists who are also veterinary physiotherapists or vets. Moreover, he set up the Aquatrainer Academy to disseminate even more knowledge on aquatraining and the use of an aquatrainer for horses.

iDots Horse Products is our own product line of high-quality training equipment and facilities for horses. Leen Soldaat developed this in conjunction with renowned developers and manufacturers. Clustering knowledge, expertise and experience in this way is enabling him to take things to the next level in terms of quality. Which is also why he chose the name iDots horse products; Leen likes to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

This applies not only to the superior products and innovative, creative solutions but also to the excellent service and comprehensive guarantees.